Futuriste AC-309 – GM

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Acorn Ceiling Fan – Futuriste series was crafted with natural elements and inventive technology. The modernistic and aesthetic designs work beautifully in your homes. The circulation system performs in perfect quietness creating natural comfortable environments for living and working. Complete with innovative LED-RGB lightkits and smart touch-screen remote control. Suitable for large room and  living hall.

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Model : AC-309
Motor : 188
Length : 1420mm (56”)
Blade : Acrylic (ABS)
Housing : Metal
RPM : 70 – 160
Wind Power : 4.5m/s
Voltage : 220~240V/50HZ
Watt : 100W
Lightkits : 18W LED – RGB
ceiling fan technical specification


Model : AC-F623
Timer : 1/3/6hrs
Light : On/Off
Speed : Low/Med/High
remote control specification


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Brochure Futuriste AC-309

User Manual

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User Manual AC-309