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1. Q: Do I need to oil my ceiling fans?


2. Q: What if my ceiling fans motor breakdown after the limited warranty period?

3. Q: My house installed with 2 Acorn AC motor ceiling fans, can I use only one remote controller to control both ceiling fans?


4. Q: What if my ceiling fans breakdown within the limited warranty period?


5. Q: What if the parts was replaced within the limited warranty period, do I enjoy another 1 year warranty?


6. Q: How do you determine the 1 year limited warranty period?


7. Q: What is the criteria for online warranty registration?


8. Q: I had done the online warranty registration for my Acorn ceiling fan. Do I still need to show your Technician my warranty card when they come to service my ceiling fan within the limited warranty period?


9. Q: What is the payment mode for the repair charges?


10. Q: How do I know what size fan to purchase?


11. Q: My fan stopped working. Why is this not considered motor failure?


12. Q: I had modified and fix my fan by using non-Acorn parts. It works for a while but now it is having problems. Is the fan covered under warranty including motor (lifetime warranty)?


13. Q: I just moved into new house and the fans that came with the house are having problems. Are they covered under warranty?


14. Q: Can you help me to shift the fan from my living to master bedroom?


15. Q: Can I just purchase the lightkit LED panel and replace it myself?.