1. Q: Do I need to oil my ceiling fans? + -

A: No oiling is required for Acorn ceiling fans as the motor comes with maintenance-free double sealed ball bearing which keeps it lubricated at all times, for long-life and quiet operation.  That is the reason why Acorn’s motor comes with life-time warranty.

2. Q: What if my ceiling fans motor breakdown after the limited warranty period? + -

A: The ceiling fans motor covered with life-time warranty.  However, you will need to pay for the service charge after the limited warranty period ended.


* Service Charge: First Fan @ $50.00

* Service Charge: Subsequent Fan @ $15.00 per fan

Once you agreed on the transportation and service charges, we will send our Technician down to your site to troubleshoot and check on the motor.  If the motor found to be defective, then a new motor will be replaced.

3. Q: My house installed with 2 Acorn AC motor ceiling fans, can I use only one remote controller to control both ceiling fans? + -

A: No.  Because each remote control paired with a receiver was biunique.

4. Q: What if my ceiling fans breakdown within the limited warranty period? + -

A: Call our customer service hotline 6445 6144 and make a faulty report by quoting the following information:


* Warranty Card Number

* Products details such as model number, size, colors etc.

* Date of purchase

* Purchase from which dealer’s shop

Our customer service coordinator will arrange an appointment with you for sending our technician to service the breakdown ceiling fans and replaced any faulty parts.  No cost will be charge within the limited warranty coverage period.

5. Q: What if the parts was replaced within the limited warranty period, do I enjoy another 1 year warranty? + -

A:  No.  Within the limited warranty period, the coverage is applied to the entire ceiling fan.  Thus, the replaced parts will be covered and followed the limited warranty period.

6. Q: How do you determine the 1 year limited warranty period? + -

A: The 1 year limited warranty coverage will based on the date of purchase as stated in the invoice.  Example you purchased a fan on 01/06/2017, the limited warranty start on 01/06/2017 and ended on 01/06/2018.


If you do online warranty registration, you will enjoy additional 1 year limited warranty.  Which mean your limited warranty start on 01/06/2017 and ended on 01/06/2019.

7. Q: What is the criteria for online warranty registration? + -

A: You are covered with additional 1 year limited warranty if you registered your warranty online within 30 days from the date of purchase.  You must have the following information with you when doing online warranty registration:


* Your name, contact number, email address and site address which the fan installed

* Warranty card number

* Serial number (new requirement)

* Invoice

* Ceiling fans details such as model number, size, colors and lightkit type (if any).

* Clear image of the invoice and warranty card* (new requirement)

Any improper information and blur image will be rejected by the system.  You will received an acknowledgement email from Acorn if your online warranty registration is successfully processed. Please keep the email for future reference if needed.

8. Q: I had done the online warranty registration for my Acorn ceiling fan. Do I still need to show your Technician my warranty card when they come to service my ceiling fan within the limited warranty period? + -

A: Yes.  Warranty card along with any proof of purchase are required to be presented to our Technician when requesting for warranty servicing within the warranty coverage period.

9. Q: What is the payment mode for the repair charges? + -

A: Cash, Paynow or cheque payment is acceptable.


* Cash payment: please prepare an adequate amount

* Paynow: UEN – 53250120M

* Cheque payment:  cheque payable to “Acorn Technical Centre”

10. Q: How do I know what size fan to purchase? + -

A: You need to choose the right size fan for your room to get optimum air circulation. And, consider the following circumstances before making your selection:


In order to allow sufficient space for the fan to draw air through the fan blades and circulate air efficiently, it is recommended to have a distance from 10 inches or more between fan blades and the ceiling.
Fan blades should have at least 18 inches away from the closest walls.

For your safety, ceiling fans should be installed approximately 7 feet / 2.1 meter above the floor.

11. Q: My fan stopped working. Why is this not considered motor failure? + -

A: We will attempt to troubleshoot the fan and recommend replacement parts to try to fix the problem. If the fan is not working, it could be related to the age of the fan and its usage and operation. This is impossible to prevent the damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use.


12. Q: I had modified and fix my fan by using non-Acorn parts. It works for a while but now it is having problems. Is the fan covered under warranty including motor (lifetime warranty)? + -

A: No. All parts used must be genuine from Acorn.  The warranty will be void if mishandled or use any other that in accordance to instructions provided.

13. Q: I just moved into new house and the fans that came with the house are having problems. Are they covered under warranty? + -

A: No. This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and shall not be transferable, negotiable or assignable to any third party.

14. Q: Can you help me to shift the fan from my living to master bedroom? + -

A: We provide only repair and maintenance services for Acorn ceiling fans. Please engage licensed electrician / installer to relocate your fan.

15. Q: Can I just purchase the lightkit LED panel and replace it myself?. + -

A: In concern of your safety issue, we are not encourage user to replace the spoilt LED panel yourself even you have some electrical knowledge. Any mishandling will lead to painful consequence and cost. Please contact our Customer Service and let our technician do the job for you. Moreover, all spare-parts replaced by our technician will be covered for One Year warranty from the date of replacement.

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