About us

Acorn Marketing & Services was established in 2012 and has grown substantially from a modest partnership into a Private Limited Company in 2014. Acorn has shown good growth and with its proven quality and trendy design, we have established a trustworthy brand in Singapore. We believe the reason behind Acorn’s success lies in our ever hungry quest for knowledge on every single piece and angle of our product that we produce. Not forgetting good quality, stylish design and competitive pricing forming the solid foundation of every successful business model.

What is a company without its customers? We value our customers more than anything else thus maintaining a healthy rapport with customers, good attitude and practices, prompt responses and on-time deliveries are all essential factors in helping the company gain recognition and trust in our brand Acorn.

To further protect our market share and to ensure development for the business, we have trademarked our brand Acorn with IPOS to further stake our claim in this industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow Acorn in the region and subsequently internationally. Being a world class leader in the Ceiling Fan industry.

Our Mission

To deliver quality Ceiling Fans with reasonable pricings catered for both residential home use and commercial buildings.

Brand Value

Build for natural comfort.